Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Laugh it up, Fuzzball.

In my life I have endured many hardships inflicted on me by my siblings. For some reason I was labeled the minority child of Latina descent. With that label came many embarrassing derogatory comments. I have developed a lot of character through the years letting their constant assaults roll of my back. I thought I could leave it all behind me when we moved to Dayton. Then look what we discovered in the flower bed next to the front door. *sigh*

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm a planner

I think like most kids when August came around, I had already decided what I would be for Halloween. It probably took me longer than most kids to realize I was too old to dress up. However, I now have someone who I get to choose his costume for him! Old Navy was having a sale and Joey knew I had my eye on the monkey costume for Max. Actually, it was a big toss up between the skunk and the monkey. We decided a monkey is more Max's style, plus Joey wants him to wear it on his birthday which is going to be Curious George themed (Yes, I already planned that too, although, I think the costume might be a little too much what with the cake and all). Of course, I had to see if the costume would fit right, you know, in case I had to plan out something else for him to be. I mean, I only have like a month and a half before Hallow's eve! Here are some pictures, I think we made the right decision with the monkey. It was a little hard to tear him away from his favorite Baby Einstein (thanks, Tiff!) to look at the camera.

Doesn't he look like a browner version of Hudson in this one?
Joey couldn't resist hugging him. With all that padding it was like a stuffed animal!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Now my life is complete

It's been ages since I laid in bed gazing into Donnie's eyes... or was it Jordan's? It was a sad day when I took down my New Kids on the Block poster and realized they had left my life forever. There was a hole in my heart where bib overalls and falsettos used to live. Then I was flipping through the channels yesterday and caught a live performance on "The View." Oh yes, the rumors are true! The New Kids on the Block are back, hangin' tough! I made Joey sit and watch them perform "Step by Step." He just didn't share my enthusiasm. I have to admit, it's just not the same. At least I got some closure.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lost: battery charger

We (Joey) did a bunch of work on the yard this weekend. Joey ripped out the dead trees and some weird placed bushes in the front yard (much to my mom's dismay). It was pretty funny to watch him pull them out with the truck! He actually broke a bunch of ropes trying to pull out the bushes. We've given up on trying to grow grass from what was left in the yard. The ground is really not level, so we're going to rip it up and seed again. Again, when I say we, I mean Joey. I will most likely be supervising.
I would have taken pictures, but our little ankle biter, who likes to remove items plugged into outlets, has made off with the camera battery charger. I searched the house, but have no idea where he put it. I'm beginning to think he has some sort of squirrel hole where he hides all his treasures. Did I mention he now takes money out of my wallet too? Beware, we're raising a pick-pocket!