Monday, June 29, 2009

Max's World

How was your Sunday? Mine was great, I started it off by getting up too early. I ate a nice bowl of cereal, which I found is made better if you just dig through the milk with your hands in a swirly pattern. We went to church and I've decided that instead of listening to my parents tell me to whisper I should proudly announce my demands in a progressively louder manner. I tried to reach my goal of shouting, "SNACK," and "JUICE," at least 150 times. Then I entertained myself by trying to tickle the deacons as they passed the sacrament. They didn't respond, but I gave them my compliments for the excellent bread as I smacked my lips, "Mmmmm, num yummy." I then decided that pants should not be a mandatory part of church. The more my parents tried to pull them up, the more I demanded they stay off. After mooning the family behind me, I noticed the cute girl in front of me. She gave me the eye, so I made my move... and slapped her on the head. I think she was playing hard to get, she just stared at me and then cried. I made it up to her by wiggling my way into her pew to hold her hand, and steal some of her crayons. I came back to my seat and it was jumping time. I did my best Van Halen impression as I shouted "JUMP," every five seconds. It was then I realized Mommy's hair needed some touch ups. I did my best, but I don't think she appreciated my volumizing technique. Phew, it was a long day. I think I'm going to make up for it by not taking a nap and saying, "NO!" to any question I am asked.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Wanna come play?

What do you do when your grass finally grows in? Flood the yard with an inflatable pool, of course.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Water, Baby!

Joey hasn't had much work lately. In fact, he stayed home yesterday because he didn't have anything to do at work. We thought we'd make the best of it and plan a family day. We planned to run a bunch of errands and then go swimming at the swim center in Minden. I had a sneaking suspicion that Joey would get called in just because we made plans. I'm psychic. As soon as we finished our nutritious breakfast (the pregnant lady wanted donuts), Joey's radio went off. I wasn't too disappointed because he needs the hours. By the time Joey got off work, I was so bored I agreed to drive to Minden, with a huge headache, AND wear a swimsuit in my whale-ish condition.

The trip was well worth it. Max is a natural water baby! He went underwater a few times without crying, which is funny since he acts like we are waterboarding him when he gets a little water on his face in the tub. The only time he got the slightest bit bratty was when Joey went off the high dive and Max was dying to get a turn. I better get him into swim lessons before he takes his giant leap when I'm not looking!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Our grass is growing great in the backyard inspite of several mini flash floods from all the thunderstorms. We lost a little of the seed that hadn't germinated yet, but it will be easy to fill in. We don't have rain gutters yet, so we have huge run off ditches running through our garden. Surprisingly we haven't had to weed the garden much, which is good since it's getting harder and harder to bend over!

Speaking of weeds, Max continues to grow like one. He's talking more and more too, repeating everything we say... guess I should stop all the swearing. He especially loves words that allow him to spit (big surprise) like "chip" and "sheep." He just really loves those ending consonants. I tried to capture him on video talking, but he's a little camera shy. Please excuse the messy face and milk mouth. It's a lot easier to video him when he's stationary and the only time he's somewhat stationary is when he's eating.