Monday, September 21, 2009


So I wish I could post pictures from Luke's baby blessing but alas, pregnancy left me with crap for brains. We didn't take a single picture the entire day. Just another thing for Luke to present to his therapist in the future. Thanks to all the family that came to support us that weekend.
Here are some random pictures instead.

Turns out Luke is scared of the camera. I took many pictures, with and without the flash, but every time I got this wide eyed look out of him. He is really getting cute. He loves to smile and show off his dimple. He coos and squawks a lot. Best of all, he sleeps! We are up to 6 hours consistently at night. I'm sure lots of babies out there do it better, but in this house, that's a record. We tried formula the other night out of curiosity and Mr. Piggy didn't even flinch. Luke is already wearing 3 month clothing (which Max was wearing at 6 months). I'm picturing him sitting on Max as soon as he can catch him.

I had a milestone of my own. I made a trip to Michaels with two kids, bought everything I wanted (at half off, no less), came home without a tantrum, and decorated with what I bought. Ok, it's not the grandest floral arrangement, but I love looking at it because I was able to do it with both boys. It's proof that I can do this mom thing!

We're still working on projects around the house. Joey worked on the spa this weekend, working out the kinks so we can sell it finally. He tried to convince me we should keep it, but I'd rather have the money. Here is Max doing his part.

Lastly, here's a picture of Max, back from camping over night with his daddy. It's amazing how less than 24 hours can produce that much dirt. He says his own prayers at night now. His favorite phrase right now is, "Thanks...that's nice!" I guess he's trying positive reinforcement on us. He also has discovered his love of bubble bath. Randomly throughout the day he'll smile and tell me, "I got bub-bows." Whatever gets him through the day, I guess.