Monday, August 31, 2009

Max gets a DUI

From one month

For some unexplicable reason, Max has decided he can, in fact, eat meat and vegetables. For two nights he has eaten his entire dinner! Okay, so we bribed him with strawberries, but he ate a whole meatball the other night! I can think of worse things than bribing your child with fruit. As a side note, I have tried bribing him many, many times before, he just has decided to take me up on it finally. He also said the prayer before dinner last night. Well... okay, he mumbled a few words and ended it with an enthusiastic "MEN!" I figure if anyone can, God can translate Toddler. Yes Max is starting to mature, so much in fact, he has tried to drink his first beer. We were at the park yesterday (mind you I was in the car feeding Luke while the other responsible parent was in charge of Max) when Max decided to cozy up to a nice man with a beer can at a picnic table (I'm pretty sure Joey was nearby...maybe). Max helped himself to the man's beer (Joey assures me he didn't actually get any in his mouth) and in the process of trying to chug it, spilled the can all over the front of him. We drove home with our wino of a toddler in the back seat saying, "I love you, man! You're the best!" Okay, I made up that last part, but he certainly reeked of alcohol on the way home.

Luke, however, has decided to just say no to the stuff, as beer is high in calories. He's up to 10 pounds already, and gaining. He's started cooing and I'm amazed I have a baby with a longer attention span than my toddler. I know people say their smiles aren't real at this point, but he really has some mischevious ones. He's probably formulating evil plans to use on Max at a later date. I haven't captured them on camera yet because I have my hads pretty full all day. In fact, I'm feeling pretty guilty about the gazillion newborn pictures I have of Max and the ten I have of Luke. I'll just have to buy Luke's love when he get's older.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Joey and Max are off to the Father and Sons campout tonight. It's interesting how my perspective has changed. Things seemed so much harder with Max as a newborn. I would have cringed at the idea of being left alone with him overnight. Many nights I spent bouncing him in his bouncer with my foot trying to figure out something to make him stop crying. Now, the thought of being alone with Luke for the night sounds peaceful and easy. I don't have to chase him around anywhere and his demands are relatively simple. Oh yeah, and he doesn't know the word, "No!" yet. I just hope Max makes it home in one piece and doesn't try to run away to be raised by bears.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baby Luke

It seemed like I was never going to go into labor with this baby. I never really put any stock into old wives tales that were supposed to put you into labor, so I never tried them. Thursday, I was fed up. I did not want a repeat of Max and sit at home contracting (but not enough) for two days. Joey came home from work and since it wasn't stifling hot anymore, we went for a walk. I was actually keeping the pace, and by the third block, I started having contractions 10 mins apart. We got home and it continued. What would be the logical next step? Well, go to Taco Smell, of course. I did not want to be in the hospital for-ev-er starving, so I loaded up on a quesadilla (yeah, yeah, not the smartest). By the time we got back home from Taco Bell, my contractions were about 5 mins apart. We decided to head up the hill towards Reno, making plans with my mom and sister along the way. Because it's me, my contractions stopped as soon as I got on the monitors. I tried my best to stay positive in case she sent us home thinking we could go to Farmer's Market and I could get on that nice bungee contraption to make the baby fly out. Finally I got some really hard contractions and she let us stay.
We arrived at St. Mary's at about 7:00pm and Luke James Light was born at 3:00am exactly. He is a hefty fellow weighing in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces and measuring 22 inches. I think the heftiest part is his umm... sack. Apparently he has retained some fluid there, so his diaper is a little snug around the racket ball-size...balls. He seems to be a pretty calm baby and is content to be a blob. We are keeping our fingers crossed he stays this way. He has two chins, no neck, and a full head of hair. At the moment he has deep blue eyes, but I think that will probably change(I don't want to get my hopes up).
I'm doing good. Recovery has been a TON better this time and surprisingly no tears or sutures to heal from. We've had great nurses this time and now we're just waiting for the okay to get outta here!

From Luke James Light