Monday, January 24, 2011

excuse my tardiness, please

I noticed today that I forgot to post about our Christmas. So I'll do it now... a month later. It doesn't really feel like winter anymore around here (it's supposed to be a balmy 59 degrees by Thursday), so maybe that's why it slipped my mind. We really enjoyed our Christmas Eve with our little family. We went swimming in the morning and had the pool almost to ourselves (besides the old people who really have no modesty or shame in the locker room). Then we decorated ornaments. Max squeezed out an entire bottle of glitter paint, then flung it at the wall. That was fun.

The finished products:

Then we decorated cookies, and ate clam chowder in bread bowls. I think we might make this our tradition instead of Hamburger Soup. (gasp) scandalous, I know!

Christmas morning was really fun for the boys and they loved their new workbench. So much so, that they fight over it non-stop.

Joey insisted on making me "try on" my gifts. I guess they fit... camping... yay...

We drove to the Mucc Christmas Day to spend time with my parents before they left on their mission. We were going to take home our newest edition, Goober, that day, but after learning of his "nervous bowels" I decided otherwise. I don't need my car smelling like big dog diarrhea on a hot day. My parents brought him up a few days later. Goober has settled in with us and resigned himself to be tortured by Max all day, everyday. Max is really fascinated by Goo's tail (and what's under there) and I'm sure Goo feels violated all the time.

Here's our belated Christmas gift from us to you- Max performing the part of Sugar Plum Fairy. Sorry, he is a prima ballerina and doesn't appreciate flash photography's affect on his art.

I'm not sure what this second move is... some sort of scissor kick, twitchy thing. Whatever it was, I think he's future Juilliard material.

Monday, January 3, 2011

We Shall not be Defeated!

For some reason Mother Nature has it out for us. For two years in a row we've had to battle the elements to have our annual ugly Christmas sweater party. But we will not be deterred! After one cancellation, our 2010 party was actually in 2011. We couldn't let another year slip by without displaying our very best! We really gave 110% this year going with an overall theme instead of just sweaters. The Lights' theme this year was "Stay Classy, Dayton." We, like all good rural citizens, were living in the 80's... the trashy 80's. I found Joey a sweet child molester-ish, flesh colored mustache at the Walmart gumball machines earlier in the week. I really think my 50 cents paid off. We, of course, are still the reigning champions, but kudos to all that tried to topple us from our lofty station. I would venture to say that fun was had by all, and thanks Uncle Chris for lending your poncho to Max as a security poncho. He's slept with it every night since.

Here's Joey really showing his stuff playing games... He was kinda the only one into it... like really into it. Thanks friends, for humoring him.

Here are the Pyrahs getting cozy in a poncho for two. How romantic.

I know your eyes are closed, Steph, I just thought it was pretty funny how Tyson and Kurt are doing the same thing with their arms. The earrings were a nice touch!

Here we have the Hunters thoughtfully contemplating the symbolism of Taneil's vest. I think you should frame this one in your home.

And here are your reigning champions. I know we aren't even looking at the camera, but this way you get the full effect of the bangs AND the side ponytail. P.S. I did my make up that way on purpose. Do you like Joey's facial hair? The neck beard was all him... and some brown eyeshadow, of course.

See you next year, Chumps! I mean Chums!