Thursday, December 16, 2010

Here we go again...

Wow, ok, I know it’s been for-ev-er since I last posted. Summer came along and things got very busy with scouts and little boys who like to play outside all day. Then fall came and I don’t know, I guess I got a little more introverted. I’m still trying to figure out why exactly, but all this crazy doctor stuff surrounding Max has really thrown me for a loop. I started journaling, but that was more of a personal thing I didn’t feel like sharing with all of blog-dom. Then the other day I was reading NieNie Dialogues. If you haven’t read this blog, do it now. She really gives you perspective on how wonderful life is. When I read stuff like that I realize I really have an awesome life. I want to make this blog more about how really blessed we are, instead of just me whining about laundry and junk like that. So here is my list of awesomeness to catch you up on life in the Light house.

-Today, for the second day in a row, I got to take a shower before 9am without an audience and without anyone destroying any electronics. Awesome.

-I finished all 6 credits I needed to renew my teaching license. That felt amazingly awesome, well, except for my sore eye from running into the door frame late at night while finishing my essay for my final class, but that’s another story.

-Max is getting closer and closer to being potty trained. Less diapers= awesome.

-Luke is talking more and more each day. It seems a little crazy that hearing a tiny person say things like “hot” can be so awesome, but it is. He sort of sounds like he can speak “whale,” mostly because he always carries around his binky between his teeth so things don’t always get enunciated crisply.

-Luke also gives the most awesome hugs. He sure knows how to make a gal feel special. His kisses need to be refined a bit though; I usually end up with a face full of slobber. They’re still pretty awesome, none the less.

-Max has finally given us a break and doesn’t wake up until at least 6am. It’s awesome how non-sleep deprived I feel now.

-We bought a dvd player for our car. That made the 9 hour trip to Utah a couple weeks ago sooooo awesome and quiet. Say what you will, but TV is an awesome entertainer/babysitter.

-Joey got an email from NVenergy the other day saying that he’ll get an interview probably next week. He talks about how awesome that’d be daily.
That’s all for now, people are waking up from their naps. I can’t make any promises, but I’m going to try to be more diligent with this whole blog thing.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


That's his binky if you couldn't tell. What a talent! Soon we'll be inserting a giant disc in his lip.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Six months later...

Six and a half months ago I became a mother of two. I worried about it a lot, wondering when my life would return to "normal" after being a new mom... and I'm still waiting :) but things are getting easier day by day. Overall, Luke has a much more laid back personality than Max and is a lot less high strung! Things I never would have attempted with Max as a baby don't seem so bad with the two of them. For instance, we just went on a hike last weekend. It was nice not to worry about missing nap times (at this stage, Max would have screamed the rest of the day after having his schedule disrupted). We just packed a lunch and headed out. Max loved it so much, he ran the whole way tripping over many a rock on the way. I think I might just let him run alongside the car next time to get his energy out. :) Luke was very content to sit in the backpack and observe everything while sucking on his binky Maggie Simpson style. I think this summer is going to be really fun, full of camping, hiking and even (sigh) some fourwheeling.

Luke had his 6 month check up yesterday. He is still quite big for his age. He's 96% for height at 29.5 in, 75% for weight at 19lbs, and 75% for head circumference. The kid is a brick! He doesn't have many rolls (except for some nice man boobs), he's just solid. The doctor told me that he should be a great athlete, to which I explained that he received zero coordination from his parents genetically. The doctor said that for his size, he's really impressed he's able to roll around and sit up so well. It's exciting to see him so close to crawling, but it makes me tired to think of all the tiny toys I'll be fishing out of his mouth soon. It's also really exciting to see Max and Luke play so well together. Max is a wonderful big brother. He loves to share with Luke and will try to comfort him when he's crying the only way he knows how- with blankies. Luke is totally enamored with his big brother and I'm sure it's only a short time before Max involves Luke in his trouble making schemes.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

MMMM Donuts!

We had a new donut shop open up here in Dayton. The donuts are delicious...and overpriced. My solution: make homemade potato donuts. I have had this recipe since Jr. High, but I only made it the one time for homework. That did not turn out well. My dad convinced me it would work to use leftover mashed potatoes (from who knows how long ago) and my grandma told me to crank up the oil because it wasn't boiling (without anything in it). Needless to say I ended up with blackened, gooey, potato lumps. Yum.
Round two went sooo much better! I started the dough last night because it has to raise for 2 hours and then another hour after cutting out the shapes. Max even helped out with the mixing. He really loves "cooking" and I need to find the patience to let him help more.
So here's the recipe from 8th grade Home Ec (thanks Bev!):
Scald and cool 1 cup of milk
In the meantime:
dissolve 1 T yeast in 1/4 C warm water, set aside
Combine cooled milk, 1/4 C sugar, 1t salt, and 1/4 C shortening
Stir in 3/4C mashed potatoes (mash 'em good) and 2 eggs
Add yeast/water. Stir until combined
Add enough flour to make a soft dough. The softer the dough, the lighter the donuts. However, it has to be sturdy enough to roll and cut out shapes.
Let rise 1.5 to 2 hours
Roll out 1/2 thick. Cut into shapes (I discovered it's much easier to do smaller shapes, kind of donut hole size) Some of my big hearts looked like those lovely sacs people hang from their tow hitchs when I finally got them into the fryer. mmmm schwety balls.
Place on well greased cookie sheet and let rise another hour. Or put them in the fridge until you want to make them and let them rise after you take them out.
Deep fat fry (sooo healthy) until just golden brown on both sides.
Let cool until you can handle them. Shake in cinnamon/sugar or frost. Joey said to add the banana as a part of your complete breakfast

Chocolate fudge frosting (This makes a lot so be prepared to eat spoonfuls from the bowl afterwards mmmm)
3 C powdered sugar
1/3C cocoa powder (I'm generous on this one)
1/3C melted butter
1/4C boiling water
1/4t vanilla
blend until smooth

It was a big hit and we are all sick from sugar overload. Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweater Party

We look forward to our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party almost as much as Christmas itself. We are like kids in a candy store when we search for the perfect sweater. It does get a little awkward as we stand in Goodwill almost peeing our pants over the ridiculous sweaters when another person is checking out the same holiday selection in all seriousness.

This year was almost a disaster due to an annoying blizzard. At first, I just thought the Gambles were just being babies like usual. Then as the snow got worse, I realized it wasn't worth putting our guests in mortal peril just for some cookies and old lady sweaters. We reluctantly rescheduled for the next weekend, leaving out two couples who promised to be our toughest competition. Where are your priorities, people?! Surgery?? Hawaii?? Seriously, I think we all know which is more important! Ugly Christmas Sweaters!! Oh well, maybe next year the Johnsons will get to lose in person... that is unless one of them decides to remove another organ. Thanks to our friends who came and made it another successful party!

The Lights enjoying the sweet taste of victory... again!!

The newest editions to Sweater scene. Sorry Jensens, we take no mercy on newbies!
Sibling rivalry rears it's ugly head... or sweater in this case.

Kudos to Jamin for being man enough to wear what only can be described as a hot pad on a mini dress.
All in all, everyone brought their "A" game, unfortunatly that's not enough when you are facing the Lights! Booyah!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


We spent Christmas with just the four of us this year. We decided it's time to start our own traditions. Joey was worried it might be boring... I guess that tells you what he thinks of my company. Anyway, we blended the old with the new. We had to have hamburger soup (shut up, it's good) and decorated cookies Christmas Eve. Well, we tried to decorate cookies. Max didn't make it through his first cookie before he gobbled it up along with a ton or red (what was I thinking??) frosting. Then, hopped up on sugary frosting, he attempted to crawl across the table with a crazed look in his eyes after the rest of the cookies. We also decorated ornaments this year for our tree. Max really got into painting and covered his plaster bear with about fifty, thick, gooey coats of all the colors available. I don't think Max ever really understood the concept of Christmas, but it was still fun to spend the day together as a family. Maybe next year we'll try to work in more of the spiritual aspect.

Here is Max on Christmas morning, mildly impressed with his presents. He actually loves his easel now, even though it turned out to be a piece of junk!

We did get to visit the newest Pyrah Christmas night. Sam sure is tiny, but hopefully he can catch up to Luke before Luke squashes him.

Stay tuned for pictures of the infamous sweater party.