Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hostage Situations and a Green Thumb

Joey and I have realized we really need to start some good habits early with Max. We've always been pretty lame about Family Home Evening. We've tried a little harder lately to have a family activity with Max on Mondays. This Monday, Joey decided that Max needed to learn about Jesus. Joey thought we could show him a picture of Christ so in the future Max isn't the kid who stands up on his chair during sharing time and says, "Who's Jesus?" (Ok, he'll still be the kid who stands on his chair and yells, but atleast he'll know who Jesus is!) Joey got out the picture from his primary binder and we all sat on the couch for a nice little lesson. Joey showed Max the picture and immediately Max tried to grab it, and not in a gentle, I-just-wanna-look way. They wrestled and there were cries of panic on all sides as Max tightened his grip on the picture. The more Joey tried to take away the picture, the more Max crumpled and ripped it. It was like watching a hostage situation, only with a picture of Jesus at stake. Eventually Joey won, but at the cost of the picture. I have to say I'm a little disturbed Max had such an instinct to grab the picture and destroy it.
In non-related news, I started some seeds for our vegetable garden. You sort of have to improvise when you live in the sticks and can't just make quick trips to Walmart. I figured if it works for first graders, it can work for me. I filled a bunch of dixie cups with dirt and planted my seeds. I planted a lot because judging from my record, about half should die. If I end up with any sort of vegetable by the end of the summer, I'm going to count it as a success. Of course while I was planting my little seedlings, Max got a hold of the hose and made himself a nice little mud puddle which he quickly drenched himself in. At first he laughed and said, "Is cold," but that quickly turned into a whine of, "inside!" Even Max has his limits, I guess.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I've been informed that I'm in the "fun" stage of pregnancy. I'm not exactly sure what is so fun about it, but I am happy to say that I can again eat chicken and my nausea is all but gone. Of course every time I say that I end up waking up with a stomach ache in the middle of the night. I can't believe how the time has flown by! I have about 14 weeks left. I think it's gone by so fast because we're still trying to figure out how we're going to handle two crazy boys. We also can't figure out what we are going to name this little guy. We can't seem to agree on any name, and just end up creating lame name combinations with our last name like Flor Escent Light. So, against my better judgement, I'm asking for help. Joey suggested asking for a dollar from everyone to make a suggestion, then giving the winner the pot... We are not doing that, but if you'd like to help us out, feel free to give us some ideas!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Max can now open the front door. Fantastic.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Although we all are still recovering from a nasty cold virus, we had a great Easter. The Easter bunny brought Max some toys to use in his sandbox. He was excited about most of it except for the plastic bendable bunnies. I'm not sure why he hates them so much, but he immediately chucks them across the room as soon as he sees them. Which we learned when he threw them over the pews at church... along with his juice. Thankfully, no one was sitting immediately in front of us!
After church we went to the Pyrahs' for a yummy dinner and Easter egg hunt. Max opted out for the rocks instead of Easter eggs, much to Joey's dismay. Joey was counting on eating all of Max's candy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We've got spring fever!

Literally. I think we need to buy stock in Kleenex. I don't know what we have, but I think we just keep passing it between the three of us. I can't wait for warmer weather so we can get fresh air and get rid of this bug!
Amidst the sneezing and hacking, we've made some progress on the backyard. I won't go into the concrete fiasco... let's just say now the motto around here is, "Heather is always right." It seems like the ground isn't too hard, and we've found lots of treasures from the previous owners including a spoon, a butter knife, a triceratops, a marble, a canteen, and the list goes on. I'm thinking some little boy was trying to become survivor man in the wild of the backyard. Here's some updated pictures.