Friday, February 27, 2009


When Joey and I got engaged, we looked at furniture for our first apartment and realized we were dirt poor. Luckily, we came into lots of donated furniture. In fact, in our first apartment we didn't have a single new piece of furniture. Joey found our huge, green, feather-shedding monstrosity at work... which was a disaster cleanup company. They mostly dealt with sewage leaks and mold, but lucky for us this was just a fire damage job. Some rich person with horrible taste out there had this couch custom made complete with pea green flower print and fabulous dust ruffle. We never smelled any smoke on it and the people who owned it got a nice chunk of insurance money. Since then, it has served us well... aside from the feathers scratching us and going up our noses and the cushions sliding off daily. I can still picture Joey standing on his dad's truck lifting it up to our window (it wouldn't fit through the door) to Matt and me. Then having to drop it back out the window when we moved to Dayton.

I'm not just posting this to show my love for my couch, but to rejoice in the fact that by tomorrow it will be gone and so will our dining table! In their places, we will have STORE BOUGHT furniture that matches! Hooray! So here is the before picture of our living room. Stay tuned for the after picture.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What the cup, Cake?!

As some of you know Sarah and I are starting a cupcake business. Halloween was pretty much our first attempt... and there was a lot of error going on with our trial. I had my doubts if we could make it in the cut-throat world of confections, but Valentines Day was booming for business! Here are a few samples of our work. Sarah said in all we made 152 cupcakes...but I was spent long before that. We have a website for our company You can also email orders and questions to

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tracking Bigfoot

By 8 o'clock I usually crash on the couch watching some stupid reality show after eating some rocky road ice cream. I keep asking myself, "Why am I so tired??" I know I'm pregnant and it's supposedly like running a marathon...blah, blah, blah. I know what the real reason is- M.A.X.

I try to explain to people just how mischevious he is, but I can never express it fully. Either that, or I'm just a big whiner and people don't want to listen to me anymore. Either way, I try desperately to document his behavior on film, but it's all in vain. It's like trying to capture Bigfoot on film, no one believes it's real. Of course Max just loves the camera, so whenever he hears the whir of the lens popping out, he drops whatever he's breaking and runs over to breathe heavily into the lens. For instance, here's a video of him. What I was trying to get was him pulling the suitcase out of the closet over to the bed to create a step stool. He wanted to grab whatever random item I had placed on the middle of the bed out of his reach. Now, I realize this is pretty ingenious of him to figure out his own solution, but his inventions always come with some bodily injury risk.

Exhibit B: I had to get ready this morning to go deliver cupcakes, so I set up the gate in the doorway of the bathroom and headed for the shower. In the 10 minutes I was in there (I sped up as I heard various crashes and squeels) he had knocked over a lamp, unfolded all the towels I had just folded, taken the heater vent out of the hole (I don't know what he threw down there), pulled out the drawers of Joey's closet organizer, and somehow changed the time on my alarm. Not to mention earlier this morning he pulled the table runner off the table knocking over the roses Joey gave me, getting water all over the place. I find myself saying to him, "This is why we don't have nice things!"