Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Changes

This summer has brought some changes for us. First, and probably the biggest: we moved the boys into one room together. Inevitably, we knew they would end up together, but I dreaded the sleeping arrangements. I figured Luke would keep Max up, but Max was practically begging to have Luke in his room (there's strength in numbers when warding off monsters who live in heater vents). Turns out, Luke was less than excited about the move. He prefers his own space at night to wind down (so completely my son). Max was elated and slept great... for a couple nights. Now for some reason we're up at least twice a night; once to go potty, then a couple hours later to run in panicked to sleep on our floor. I can't figure out what is causing his anxiety in the middle of the night, but luckily, Luke sleeps through it all (wish I could too). We converted Luke's room into a toy room and it has been fabulous having all the toys contained in one room. The boys have so much more room to play, and I don't trip over toys during Max's middle-of-the-night anxiety attacks. I didn't take any pictures, because well, just picture Max's room... with a crib. Not that exciting :)

We changed up our garden with raised boxes this year and it has help tremendously! Our harvest has been bountiful. We even have broccoli and cantaloupe. Also, for some reason, we have more yellow zucchini than we know what to do with. We have worked out some kinks and I think our garden will bigger and even better next year!... Maybe minus yellow zucchini.
Ignore the grass in this picture. Apparently our gardening skills don't transfer well to our lawn. shhh don't tell Joey I said that.

We painted our house this summer too. It was a process to say the least picking out paint colors, but we are definitely pleased with the change. Although, painting a house, however small it is, is a HUGE pain. There are still parts we need to touch up, not to mention painting the dog-less dog house and the shed... maybe next year, I guess. Hey, it's Dayton, we can do that.
School starts in a few weeks for Max, but we'll see if we can squeeze in a few lake trips and day bike trips before then. (Maybe that will make the time pass more quickly ha!)
Here's a picture of the boys doing their favorite summer daily activity. I especially like their expressions. Luke usually just sits quietly, content to be chauffeured around in circles. Randomly, they like to hop out to "check the battery." Oh yeah, and Max doesn't have pants on, another daily summer occurrence.Hopefully, you've had a fun summer too. I'm not ready to let go of the summer weather and sunshine, but I'm more than ready for the fun fall will bring!