Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweater Party

We look forward to our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party almost as much as Christmas itself. We are like kids in a candy store when we search for the perfect sweater. It does get a little awkward as we stand in Goodwill almost peeing our pants over the ridiculous sweaters when another person is checking out the same holiday selection in all seriousness.

This year was almost a disaster due to an annoying blizzard. At first, I just thought the Gambles were just being babies like usual. Then as the snow got worse, I realized it wasn't worth putting our guests in mortal peril just for some cookies and old lady sweaters. We reluctantly rescheduled for the next weekend, leaving out two couples who promised to be our toughest competition. Where are your priorities, people?! Surgery?? Hawaii?? Seriously, I think we all know which is more important! Ugly Christmas Sweaters!! Oh well, maybe next year the Johnsons will get to lose in person... that is unless one of them decides to remove another organ. Thanks to our friends who came and made it another successful party!

The Lights enjoying the sweet taste of victory... again!!

The newest editions to Sweater scene. Sorry Jensens, we take no mercy on newbies!
Sibling rivalry rears it's ugly head... or sweater in this case.

Kudos to Jamin for being man enough to wear what only can be described as a hot pad on a mini dress.
All in all, everyone brought their "A" game, unfortunatly that's not enough when you are facing the Lights! Booyah!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


We spent Christmas with just the four of us this year. We decided it's time to start our own traditions. Joey was worried it might be boring... I guess that tells you what he thinks of my company. Anyway, we blended the old with the new. We had to have hamburger soup (shut up, it's good) and decorated cookies Christmas Eve. Well, we tried to decorate cookies. Max didn't make it through his first cookie before he gobbled it up along with a ton or red (what was I thinking??) frosting. Then, hopped up on sugary frosting, he attempted to crawl across the table with a crazed look in his eyes after the rest of the cookies. We also decorated ornaments this year for our tree. Max really got into painting and covered his plaster bear with about fifty, thick, gooey coats of all the colors available. I don't think Max ever really understood the concept of Christmas, but it was still fun to spend the day together as a family. Maybe next year we'll try to work in more of the spiritual aspect.

Here is Max on Christmas morning, mildly impressed with his presents. He actually loves his easel now, even though it turned out to be a piece of junk!

We did get to visit the newest Pyrah Christmas night. Sam sure is tiny, but hopefully he can catch up to Luke before Luke squashes him.

Stay tuned for pictures of the infamous sweater party.