Monday, October 26, 2009

Foot pursuits and heating pads

So right now it's very quiet around the house. Max is at a friend's house and Luke is sleeping peacefully in his swing. You would think I would be enjoying this time, and I would if it weren't for the stabbing pain in my lower back. You see, it all started Monday morning around 11:00. About this time every morning, Sesame Street ends and so does Max's attention span. I quickly throw on his shoes and kick him out to the backyard to burn off energy. It took a while for me (and Max) to feel secure enough to send him out on his own. We had to clear and childproof the yard so he could have some freedom... backfire! I'm not sure how this qualifies as a milestone, but on Monday at 11:00am Max climbed over the 5 foot fence behind our house. As I went out to check on him, I caught him running across the ditch and onto the 3 foot fence that borders the busy road behind our house. I screamed at him to stop and I got a very nonchalant, "Okay, Mommy." from him. However, to Max, "Okay" just means, "that's nice whatever you just said, but I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing." I attempted to climb the fence (yes, I'm out of shape too) but quickly realized I would have to climb back over it with an unwilling toddler. So I quickly ran to the garage, hopped in my car, and squealed out of the driveway and around the corner just in time to see him get over the fence and start to run toward the road, all the while my baby is laying on the floor screaming in the living room. The kid is C-R-A-Z-Y! I really don't know what to do to contain him. I thought our yard was big enough, but apparently not for this free spirit.
My back has been a little wacky ever since lugging Luke the Puke around. I think the stress of pulling my toddler off the fence, acerbated it. It was a little throbby that evening, but then yesterday morning I attempted to get up quickly off the floor to answer the phone and SNAP! I looked just like an old person in the cartoons that walks around bent over at the waist. It was a little alarming to find I was unable to get up... then Max jumped on my back. Awesome. My wonderful friends took my children and I made an adventure-filled trip to the Chiropractor. Anyone else have their chiropractor check their facebook page while working on you or make small talk about how they're filing bankruptcy? I don't think I'll be making a return trip to him anytime soon. In the mean time, I'm walking around with heating pads and ice packs tucked in my waistband trying so hard not to make any sudden movements or heaven forbid, sneeze.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monkey Max is Two!

Most days I find myself trying to calculate exactly how many days I have until Max enters kindergarten. Nursery has given me a taste of what school could be like... hours of quiet!!
Today is different, I'm feeling a little nostalgic.

Two years ago today I was pretty sure this baby was not going to come out. Max's dramatic entrance should have tipped me off that we were headed for trouble. The moment the doctor announced he was, in fact, a boy, he peed on me. From birth, he has had a mind of his own. He has to do things his own way, in his own time... not that I know anything about that. I never would have guessed that the same person who woke up every 45 minutes for the first two months of his life, peed through every piece of clothing, and refused to take a bottle would turn out to be one of my favorite people. These past two years have flown by, and I can't help missing my fuzzy headed little monkey baby who could only sleep snuggled up on my chest.

Happy Birthday, Monkey!